Tested & taken adopted approved

Virginie, 29 -


“I almost regret not using an insulin pen anymore.“ 

When I was offered to test Mallya, I almost regretted not using an insulin pen anymore! I love its modern, sober and elegant design. Discreet, the LED indicator is a plus. In my opinion, Mallya is a truly revolutionary device: we all forgot to inject at least once, we even might to have injected twice without remembering the time or how many units: a real puzzle. Thanks to Mallya, we are peaceful, we know at what time, when and how many units we injected. In addition, Mallya considers the incrementation of your pen’s wheel and memorizes the number of units you selected, making it both reliable and precise while remaining very easy to use. I’m a fan!

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Serge, 62 -


“I am far less stressed since I’ve been using Mallya.“

I have had type 2 diabetes since I was 47 years old. I have had oral treatment with an insulin injection every night for the past few weeks. I have to tell you that I work a lot: I am not retired yet! My head is full of many things, so at night, I often don’t remember if I’ve done my injection or not. I had to overcome this lack of rigor and Mallya really helped me. It’s simpler, less stressful to have diabetes since I’ve been using it. Mallya is easy to use, reliable, and the mobile application is useful and effective. It’s what I needed to be able to best manage this disease.

Laura, 24 -


“I really like the device.“

I really like the device even if it took me a while to adapt. Indeed, when you’ve been using the same pen at least four times a day for the last ten years or so, the slightest difference on the pen is a bit odd at first. Concerning the installation of Mallya on the pen, the tutorial videos at the beginning are great, I really like the concept. As for the device itself I adopt it even despite the fact that I have to use only one pen and have to take care of it, which is all new to me since I’m used to throwing my pen in my bag without paying too much attention…. I also find it very practical because sometimes you take the Bluetooth off and forget, I was afraid I had lost my data and fortunately this was not the case. I also really appreciated the “beep” in the few seconds after the injection, after so many years of diabetes you forget, well, you get fed up waiting for the recommended 10 seconds! Before using Mallya, when I used to remove the pen after injecting, I felt a little guilty. Thanks to Mallya that has changed. It’s a pleasure to have been able to test this product which I think will help many people. We are always hungry for new technologies that can change our daily lives, especially to soothe our minds of the many tasks we have to do, I think Mallya will meet the needs of many patients with diabetes.

Mélanie, 29 -

gestational d.

“This new medical device does most of the work for me.“

I am pregnant and this is my first baby. Both of my parents have type 2 diabetes and I recently learned that I am considered to be at risk. After a blood test, the result came back… I wondered how I was going to organize myself in such a short time, manage these insulin injections but also enjoy my pregnancy. My sister told me about Mallya: this new medical device does almost everything for me and makes it easier to manage the injections. Today, I am enjoying the end of my pregnancy much more serenely. 

Ines, 26 -


“My only regret is that I didn’t discover Mallya sooner.“

I have been living with type 1 diabetes for five years and I have tested many medical devices designed and developed for the management of diabetes. Today I can say that Mallya is by far a revelations: everything is easier with Mallya! Indeed, one of the most difficult tasks in the routine of a patient living with diabetes is to remember what time the injection has been made, how many units were selected for injection and sometimes whether you have already done your insulin injection or not… This smart device is totally changing the lives of patients with diabetes and my only regret is that I didn’t discover Mallya sooner. 

Ilenia, 35 -


“Everything is really simple and intuitive.“

Over time, what seemed at first to be a very difficult operation becomes routine. However, sometimes the daily rush, the different rhythms, for one reason or another or by sheer forgetfulness, leads me to wonder if I have done my injection and how many units I have selected. That’s precisely what Mallya does, a technological revolution from à French company that keeps track of all the information about my or my daughter’s injections. And it’s fabulous! Indeed, when she is at school and I want to be informed about her injections: dose, time and date, I am! Everything comes in a colourful and attractive package. Inside the package you will find everything that guarantees its functioning. Everything is really simple and intuitive.  

Adriana, 28 -


“What a great idea!“

The packaging is great, the medical products for patients with diabetes are finally colourful and it feels good! When I tested Mallya the first thing I noticed were the light signals, what a great idea! Also, the device is “stylish”! The installation is simple, the device is precise and the battery lasts a long time! I’m sure many patients with diabetes will love it. 

Jorge, 40 -


“I’ve been won over by this connected

I have been living with type 1 diabetices since I was 5 years old. A few months ago, I heard about the Mallya device on social networks. Today, I use it and it helps me to manage my diabetes better! Indeed, Mallya allows me to track all my daily injections. Thanks to this technology, I no longer worry about forgetting my injections, because everything is listed on a mobile application. Mallya also accompanies me on my many runs and hikes, which makes me feel much calmer. I’ve been won over by this connected device, which has become a great little companion in my daily life.