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Mallya turns

your insulin pen​

into a smart device!​

Do you live with a chronic disease and use a pen injector as part of your treatment? Then Mallya is about to become your best ally!

Our device automatically collects injection data such as the dose, date, and time, and transmits it to a dedicated mobile application via Bluetooth.

Thanks to Mallya, you can easily track and analyze your daily injections.

Different versions of Mallya are available to date, depending on the pen injector you use as prescribed by your healthcare professional.


Mallya is designed to be compatible with a wide range of disposable injection pens* used in various therapeutic areas.

USB cable_

Mallya is rechargeable via a USB cable. With 3 to 4 injections per day, its battery only needs to be recharged once a month at most.


Mallya is removable and can be installed on any new pen you use, lasting for at least 2 years.


Mallya doesn't change the way you use your insulin pen: dose selection and injection take place exactly as you are used to. Visual and audio signals can guide you during the injection.


Mallya automatically collects the dialed dose with very high accuracy, then transfers the data in real time to your smartphone. No need to do anything else!


You can check the diary of your injections: selected dose, type of insulin, date and time. You also have the option of sharing this data with the person of your choice.


Mallya is an innovative solution that addresses the needs of various therapeutic areas, particularly diabetes and growth disorders.

The goal of Mallya is to push the boundaries of medical technology to enhance the quality of life for patients. The Mallya connected device has been specifically designed to provide personalized and effective support to those living with diabetes or growth disorders by helping them track their treatment proactively, ensuring appropriate medical care.

Discover Mallya and the relevant therapeutic areas.

and the associated therapeutic areas.

Connected diabetes growth health care

Why should I need Mallya® _

“I don't remember
if I've made my injection “

“I'd like to know if my
teenager had his injection “

“ I can't say
which dose I injected “

“ I'd like to share
my injection diary
with my doctor “

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