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Your insulin pen
just got smart
with Mallya!

Mallya® is a smart device that is attached to a FlexTouch® pen and records injections’ information in a dedicated application thanks to Bluetooth technology!

On this website, you will find instructional videos to guide you through the steps of using Mallya.

Welcome to

Mallya's world.

Setup Mallya

This video shows the steps to setup Mallya.
• How to assemble Mallya onto the pen?
• How to pair the device with your smartphone?

Use Mallya :

This video shows you how to use Mallya.
• How to select a dose and how to inject with Mallya?
• Once you've injected, Mallya will transfer your injection data to the app you're already using.

Transfer Mallya on a new pen:

This video shows the different steps to transfer Mallya to a new injector pen.
Even if your injector pen is finished, Mallya can still be used on a new pen!

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